Social Media

If you haven’t already embraced social media marketing as an essential ingredient in your online marketing campaign, you’re way behind the curve.

Social media marketing is critical for maintaining a holistic SEO and inbound marketing strategy. Below we discuss the various social media marketing services offered here at Shaking Cup Media.

Business Social Media Marketing Management

Don’t have time to manage your own social presence, but understand the importance of engaging your customers? Do you have a start-up or non-profit that doesn’t have the budget to maintain a full time social media marketing manager? Maybe you do have the budget but prefer to leave your social media marketing in the hands of professionals.

No matter what your reason is for wanting to hire a firm to manage you social media, when you do, you’ll be happy you did! The ROI provided by outsourcing to a social media management firm can’t be matched by a costly in-house team.

Graphic Design for Social Media Marketing

Keeping a cohesive, attractive brand identity that speaks to your social media audience doesn’t happen by accident. The social media services team at Shaking Cup Media will work with you to identify (and continually test) messages that will captivate your social audience.


As part of that, we have creative, talented graphic artists who can design high impact graphic designs (cover photos, profile pictures, wall photos, paid social ads) that will draw your audience in with a professional look that delivers your brand message.

Affordable Social Media Marketing Packages

Need a comprehensive social media marketing strategy at a competitive price? The business social media marketing packages offered by Shaking Cup Media deliver expert social media services at a rate that won’t kill your budget. Starting at just $350/month, we offer three budgetary tiers of social media marketing packages that deliver the most exposure for your company on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Customized Social Media Marketing Solutions

Need a social media marketing solution that’s more customized? I can do that too! From referral and customer rewards programs to full paid advertising management on your social media pages, the team at Shaking Cup Media can deliver a customized social media marketing plan that suits the needs of your business and its marketing objectives.