Pay Per Click

Shaking Cup Media has perfected search strategies and process in order to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of search campaigns.
I provide an end-to-end solution beginning with an experienced search marketing team with over 12 yrs experience in the online arena. That’s not combined years, that is the average amount of experience years each team member has.
Our search capabilities include comprehensive campaign management, optimization, reporting, integration, and technology.
I will tailor our search strategies in order to get optimal performance out of each campaign. Examples of tactics include keyword expansions, search engine creative development and refreshes, budgeting testing, competitive analysis, reporting dashboards and testing opportunities that are built around specific campaigns. In order to develop the correct strategies for each individual campaign, Shaking Cup Media’s search team will discuss the finite details including goals and metrics with you. Once our team has a full understanding of the campaign goals, we will utilize our vast knowledge of the search space and our strong partnerships with the search engines to craft an effective search strategy.

Tailored strategies are important in maximizing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of search campaigns. Keywords and creative constitute the backbone of any successful search campaign. Shaking Cup Media will provide fully developed keyword lists based on best practices, search experience, keyword tools, and our search engine partnerships. I always utilize a test & learn mentality in order to determine what keywords to use in order to maximize our efficiency. Through data analysis and optimization, Shaking Cup Media will also provide tail term expansions that will help to control cost and increase keyword-search relevancy. Tail terms speak to the audience without the distractions of competitive pressure and address a user’s search intent with complete confidence. Tail term recommendations will be sent over for client review.

Thank You for allowing us to be a part of growing your business.